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14-05-2010 at 17:54

News Dear Visitor

You are on a website now special created to keep the Farmhand F-600 forage harvester a in mind
A rare machine build between 1968 and 1974 in the Farmhand plant in Grinnel Iowa USA, a verry modern and compleet machine for that time even airco was standard.

All the machines witch where found till now are displayed in the gallery and mentioned by the owner.

The website wont be verry dynamic because only about 250 units where build and only 18 where found til now.

Verry special was the development of the fly-weelcutterunit with 6 knives in combination with the dubbel chain and slat feedersystem.

2 types Detroit 2 stroke engines where used.
the firts years the 8V53 later the 6V71 turbo both 250 HP
Only 1 prototype was build with a cummins engine but never went in production.

It,s amazing to see what modifications the units went through by there owners, some of them where turned into wood cutters, grass drillers, snow blowers or pompunits for irrigation.

Also some of them got headers of other make Hesston or John Deere where populair even 4 row headers where used, some of them hydrolic driven.
Cabines where lifted for a better view on the feeder and header, doors moved to the opposite side of the cabine with front exces.
Fenders could swing out for easy maintanance on engine and uther parts.

To keep in touch with the marked Farmhand had to develope a compleet new harvester
Drumcutters had more capacity and the concept with the small frontweels was old.
Farmhand stopped develope and produce forage harvesters.

If you have any information about these units please let us know and leave a message by reply this info.

We hope you enjoy the website as much as we do

Wim Lamberts


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